Top 10 Fabuliss Blog Posts of 2010

In case you missed them, here is a review of the top 10 posts on the Fabuliss blog.

  1. Extra Casual Summer Wear…Not a.k.a. Sloppy, Skimpy or Boring
  2. Boots for Fall/Winter – Do This, Not That
  3. Smart Casual for Summer…From Intern to Boss
  4. Ready to Shop Ann Taylor…with the Friends & Family Discount
  5. Holiday Outfits Part 2 of 3: Work Day to Work Party
  6. Necklace Statements, Romance, Metals and Naturals…From Casual to Corporate
  7. These Wide-Calf Boots Were Made for Wearing
  8. Why Conference or Unconference Wear Should Say “Work” and not “Weekend”
  9. Shop ‘Til You Drop: Black Friday 2010 Edition
  10. Fabuliss Helps Kathy Look Confident, Feminine & Flirty for Her Pampered Photo Shoot

{ Fabuliss helps you earn confidence and respect by teaching you how to communicate with style. Closets, shopping, tools, parties, remote. or 612-554-4629 }

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