Episode #1 Style Tips for ABC’s The Bachelor

Bachelor Season 15 Cast

For those who know me well, I have been addicted to The Bachelor for years.  I used to write extensive episode recaps and ran a pool in my corporate America days.  But I digress…

Tonight’s tweeting began from my personal Twitter account until I figured out a perspective that would work from Fabuliss.

Without further ado, a few helpful style tips if you are ever on a reality TV show like The Bachelor based on episode one of season .

  1. Huge shoes do not go hand-in-hand with short dresses.
  2. Hair matters, especially when it’s long hair.
  3. Cheap dresses look cheap. Especially in HD.
  4. A black dress does not do blonde-orexics any favors.
  5. Fangs are not a girl’s best friend. Even if you kind of look like Miley.
  6. Notice that he gave the 1st impression rose to girl w/simple hair & dress.
  7. Less is more…when it comes to black eyeliner/mascara. Unless you want eyes to look tiny.

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