What’s Your Best Color? If You Are Blonde, it’s Not Black

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People with blonde hair range from cool to warm.  An ashy, platinum blonde or greying blonde will be on the cooler end while a brown base with blonde highlights, warm skin tones and brown eyes describe a warmer version of a blonde.

The examples above show how different temperatures look in black.  When I look at these women, the black color is overpowering – and this is just a head shot.

Black does make the face pop but not in a gentle way.  And black does not enhance any features of the women.

Non-Black Alternatives

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If you have blonde hair, consider faded and dusty colors in variations of lavender, grey, blue and peach near your face.  These soft, light shades will frame your face as well as allow your eyes to pop.


  • Wear your eye color
  • Wear lighter tones that will blend with your light hair
  • Opt for cool colors and shades of colors based on your overall temperature of hair, eyes and skin


  • Bright and dark colors that will overpower your features
  • Black near your face

These tips will also work for people with hair that is predominantly silver or light grey.

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3 Responses to “What’s Your Best Color? If You Are Blonde, it’s Not Black”

  1. What jacket not to wear /  GROW WITH GRACES Says:

    […] said brown is a better neutral for me than black, which I think I instinctively knew because I wear much more brown than black. Even my glasses are […]

  2. Judy Grundstrom Says:

    I am just getting around to reading this now – and I am sorry but I have to disagree. I am blonde and am one of the few people I know who can wear really bright color and still stand out without having it overwhelm me. Avoid bright colors that overpower your features? What? How about avoid pastels that wash you out. Blondes look great in red and fantastic in black. For examples of this please reference every movie and magazine ever made since color film was invented.

    Is this some kind of attempt to make blondes look bad by having us wear beige? Sort of like blonde jokes make us look dumb? If so I’m not giving into it. I’ll be easy to find because I’ll be the girl with the bright blonde hair in the bright red dress.

    • Fabuliss Says:

      Thanks for the comments, Judy. Bold colors and black on blondes make a statement without a doubt. And the wrong dusty and faded colors will make a blonde look tired and aged.

      I’m adding a more thorough blonde color analysis to my list of blogs. Stay tuned!

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