Episode #2 Style Tips for ABC’s The Bachelor

Bachelor Season 15 Cast

I watch every season faithfully with a mix of awe over what people will do/say/wear on camera, discomfort with the same formula for each season and anxiety over the ruined reputations season after season.

And now, a few style-related thoughts from episode 2 of ABC’s The Bachelor with star Brad Womack.

  • A suit, tie & strapless party dress look strange when worn on carnival rides.
  • An empire waist seam is meant to sit below the boobs…real or fake.
  • Accidental face glitter can ruin a sequined dress and diamonds in a flash.
  • The wrong red lipstick can make a 30-year-old birthday girl look 40.
  • Men don’t care about displaced tears over bad bleach & boob jobs.

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