Fabuliss Helps Mary, Part 1 – What Works Best

Client Mary - What Works Best

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Meet one of my new clients, Mary, who purchased a package through Victory Ventures to get aligned through mind, body and soul.

She is building a business and wants to put her best foot forward when it comes to outfits.

The featured outfits above work for Mary’s petite height for several reasons.

  • Color flow – a cohesive color story from top to bottom will add height while reducing volume.
  • Clothing length – these jacket lengths – especially with a top that ends right below the waist – give Mary a taller look than something that is too long or short.
  • Clothing fit – Mary’s shape benefits from a more structured shoulder, medium-sized lapels and some seaming through the torso.

The outfits on the left are professional and perfect for meeting with her team or clients, while the outfit on the right is more casual – perfect for a day at the office with no client meetings.

Stay tuned for more of this blog post series to see a series of outfits with Fabuliss advice regarding fit, color, pattern & texture and mix & match ideas.

{ Fabuliss helps you earn confidence and respect by teaching you how to communicate with style. Closets, shopping, tools, parties, remote.  Fabuliss.com or 612-554-4629 }

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