Fabuliss Helps Mary, Part 3 – Mix & Match, Favorites


Fabuliss Favorites of Client Mary

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There is nothing like getting a client into clothes that bring out the best, add to confidence and communicate the right messages.

From fit to color to style, the above looks are my top favorites on Mary.


Blue Shirt Mix & Match

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A simple wardrobe that includes the right items creates so many possibilities for mixing and matching.

Above, we took a dark blue shirt and mixed it with jackets and sweaters for three different looks.


White Shirt Mix & Match

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A white shirt with a bold print could overwhelm and send off a message to stay away.  When paired with colorful jackets, the distinctive shirt helps Mary stand out in a crowded room.

Learn more about Victory Ventures, which is how I met Mary.  As part of Victory Ventures, I help people take care of their body/image in order to thrive personally & professionally.

{ Fabuliss helps you earn confidence and respect by teaching you how to communicate with style. Closets, shopping, tools, parties, remote.  Fabuliss.com or 612-554-4629 }

Now accepting Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

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