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Winter Recap Part 3: Jewelry Favorites

March 11, 2011

Winter Recap Jewelry Favorites

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Jewelry makes for a finishing touch on an outfit.  It is a way to express personality and style.  And a necklace is an excellent way to draw attention to your face, which is where you want people to focus.

The necklaces above are a few of my favorites from this winter.

Why only necklaces?  Bracelets are great but uncomfortable with the keyboard on my laptop.  That said, a client once told me she opts for bracelets because they are a more child-friendly accessory.  And technically, my ears are pierced but I rarely wear earrings.

Jewelry recommendations:

  • Try jewelry on before you buy it.  Chances are you will have an immediate reaction of either loving or hating it.  If you have neither, definitely put it back on the rack.
  • I learned that jewelry is like lipstick.  It may look like too much (or too little) in a hand mirror so make sure to look at a full-length mirror for a “big picture” perspective.
  • If you want to wear all three – necklace, bracelet and earrings, my advice is to mix and match vs. matchy-match.  Surprise, surprise, right?

OK, let’s take a look at each necklace.

1) Casual

Casual Necklace

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My casual necklaces are typically for weekend.  I rarely go without a necklace and this is one I can pair with just about anything.  It is a long strand of dark purple stones that I stalked forever at Target until they finally went on clearance.

They can be dressed up by adding an additional strand of a pearl and metallic mix or a couple of strands of shiny metallic.  Or keep it casual with a matte metallic or a different strand of stones.

2) Dressy

Dressy Necklace

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If you have seen me around this winter, chances are very good you have seen me with this necklace.  I wear it several times a week because it literally goes with everything and immediately adds a special touch without too much bling.

Aside from the fact that it was a Christmas gift from my mom (thanks, Mom!) and purchased from my sister-in-law who sells Premier Designs, it really is an all time favorite.

3) Unique

Unique Necklace

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I fell in love with this necklace combo at the Edina Art Fair, when I was helping Infrared Studio’s Lauren Nicole with her booth.  It is antique Roman glass mixed with silver beads and the sea green color palette is incredibly beautiful.

An investment necklace like this one is a treasure and one that is exciting to wear because it is one-of-a-kind piece of art.  I have worn it for every day and for occasions because it’s that versatile.

4) Fun

Fun Necklace

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I was not planning to own a bauble necklace.  And then I came across this one at the WIN (Women in Networking) holiday accessories swap.  It is bold, shiny and graphic – perfect for a fun statement that can go from work to happy hour or party.

The simple color palette (black, white and dark silver) makes it versatile with different layering combinations and it easily draws attention up near my face.

Final note: these necklaces are all wearable year-round…they are just a few that I have been wearing this winter.

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The Long and Short of Wearing Necklaces…a.k.a. How to Wear Necklaces 101

October 27, 2010


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If you are new to wearing jewelry, necklaces can be a great place to start but there are so many options to choose from.  From chunky beads and pendants to layered chains and pearls, it’s just a matter of experimenting to find what works.


  1. This antiqued necklace from Target is a sleek statement look.  It pairs well with prints because it can hold its own with a small or medium print and it does a great job dressing up a solid top.  The length hits right below my bust line and the weight of the necklace ensures it holds it’s flattering v-shape and stays in position.
  2. The blue statement necklace from Target is a great way to incorporate personality into a professional outfit.  It is a tad shorter than I would like it to be but it doesn’t completely cut my neck short so I think it works – especially with an open collar and neckline.
  3. While it’s hard to see the coral necklace from Macy’s, I purposely chose a simple necklace because of the height of the collar on the jacket.
  4. This is one of my favorite new necklaces that I stalked at Target the last part of the summer.  When it was marked down to 75% off the original price, it became mine!  It is the right shade of coral, is a great length on me and goes a long way to dress up a monochromatic outfit.
  5. This is the same coral necklace as in photo #3.  It is a classic, elegant set of beads and goes great with a ruffled shirt and ruffled cardigan.
  6. A long shiny gold necklace, another great find from Target, is a great match for the printed shirt and denim jacket because the shine stands out while not adding volume.  It is a focal point and draws attention up to my face while adding a youthful look to the outfit.


  • If you have a longer neck, you can wear a short necklace or a choker necklace.
  • If you have a shorter neck, stick with necklaces that hang lower than your collarbones.
  • A big and heavy chunky necklace will look overwhelming on a slim frame; a delicate necklace will disappear on a large frame.
  • Your necklace should hit above or below the neckline of your first layer.
  • Wear a necklace and mean it.  Make sure it doesn’t disappear into your skin, into your frame or into your outfit.
  • It is OK if your necklace goes over your bust area.
  • Long necklaces work best with monochromatic dresses.
  • A chunky necklace can add volume so be conscious of where the volume is being added.
  • A simple necklace pairs well with a busy shirt and a more busy necklace works well with a plain outfit.
  • Layer a sparkly necklace with a plain necklace to increase the interest factor.

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Pants + Boots for Fall/Winter…from Work to Weekend

October 12, 2010


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One of the exciting changes of season in the Midwest is that we get to change up our footwear.  It’s getting time to put the open-toed shoes away and bring on the boots.

Whether you are shopping online or shopping your closet, there are boots that belong at work and boots that are fine for the weekend.

In general….

  • …the flatter the heel, the more casual the boot.
  • …with untucked pants the most visible part of your boot will be the toe and the heel.  Shop accordingly.
  • …more bling, styling and/or heel does not automatically translate to more work appropriate.
  • …if the best quality about the boot is comfort, it probably does not belong at work.
  • …if your feet get cold during the day, invest in good, thin wool socks and leave the outdoor boots outside.

Following are ideas for how to pair pants and boots for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons from casual to suited looks using boots found on  Zappos has a HUGE selection of shoes for the entire family and they offer free shipping both ways.  I have used them for several years and happily vouch for a happy customer experience.  And in case you are wondering, this is a 100% sponsor-free blog post :)



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When the trend (or trends) are wearing you, it is distracting and can leave the wrong impression.  Or when something doesn’t fit – like a pant that isn’t long enough for the height of your heels – it stands out and may cause people to question your judgement.

The same thing goes for boots that are ready to be retired.  If I am lucky and rotate my boots enough, I can usually get two years out of them before they start looking too tired to be at work.



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Knee-high boots are great if you can find a pair that fits well.  That said, when it comes to being tucked into pants, they belong in the extra casual category.  These outfits are great for weekend activities with friends, family or your special someone.



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Step your look up for work with a jacket for a top layer, paired with a dark denim and a stylish pair of boots.

  • This orange-toned boot pairs well with the orange tone in the shirt.  It is OK if it’s not a perfect match because the two colors are far enough apart.
  • A mean cowboy-inspired bootie is a great way to add snap to a printed button down and casual jacket.
  • A bright peep-toe bootie can add a fun splash of personality when paired with a printed top.  Make sure the toenails live up to the shoe!
  • A sleek peep-toe bootie paired with a slim jean is a pretty finish for a pretty outfit.



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For the days when a suit is not required, a dress pant and top layer are perfect when paired with a dressy boot.



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Just because you’re in a suited look does mean you have to wear a boring boot!  Footwear is a great way to add personal style to a more conservative outfit.

  • Dark colors of footwear can be a great neutral.  In this case, a wine-colored bootie is a perfect pairing to a neutral outfit.  Pair it with a touch of a wine color in a necklace or earring and you’re immediately pulled together.
  • This is another example of a dark color accenting an outfit.  A dark purple bootie goes great with grey and a small embellishment will peek out from under the pant.
  • If neutral is your thing, these shiny grey boots will look great paired with a long suit pant while making a style statement.
  • For the most conservative look choose a simple boot with a touch of style.  With the embellishments hidden under the pant, you’ll feel stylish without flashing it for everyone to see.

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