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12/12/10 #stylechat Recap – Age-Appropriate Dressing

December 14, 2010

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When it comes to dressing age-appropriately, there are a lot of grey areas but one thing is for sure – how you dress says a lot about one’s confidence.

Fabuliss did a quick model search from some major retailers (above) and it was challenging to find women that looked over 30, let alone 40 or 50.  Talbots, a once-mature brand is now using significantly younger models.  It was not long ago when an entire catalog showed a confident woman somewhere in her 40s or 50s.  She is nowhere to be found on their current site.

So what is a woman (or man) to do?  Here is a recap of the lively and thoughtful #stylechat discussion, lead and moderated by @Fabuliss.

We hope you find some perspective and inspiration from the participants and their valuable input.

Welcome to #stylechat! Tonight we are talking age-appropriate style. Everyone is welcome #stylechat

Q1 Do you know if/when you are dressing too young or too old?

  • @fabuliss It’s easy for me to see on other people. Not always as easy to see on myself…
  • @fontandink it’s a fine line. I have certain friends who I trust on this one.
  • @etupper That is a tricky one. I can tell if I am dressing to old. Too young on the other hand I am not sure.
  • @wearswithheels I hope so! Agree with @fontandink that it’s a fine line. Think it depends on the mix of individual pieces.
  • @imagestylexpert I think there are some obvious clues – plunging neckline, skirt too short, too much make up, etc.
  • @fabuliss I would add how much skin overall is shown, fabric patterns and fabric quality.
  • @imagestylexpert hairstyles are a good clue too! Many women trying to look young opt for super long hair

Q2 How do you know when others are dressing too young/old?

  • @fabuliss Similar to @imagestylexpert’s list. People can be clueless or like they are trying too hard.
  • @growwithgraces Q1 & Q2 I’m probably not very good at knowing what’s too young other than short skirts and bare midriffs.
  • @etupper when clothes are too tight
  • @growwithgraces I’m pretty good at knowing if I’m dressing too old. I ask myself “would my mom wear this?” if so, it’s out. (hi mom)
  • @MarieDenee Thier look is too contrived or forced- or even ripped right from a magazine… no inspiration or individuality
  • @wearswithheels 90% with you @imagestylexpert but think that 40’s/50’s women can wear a shorter skirt or low neckline if they fit very well
  • @wearswithheels but I am 100% with you on the hair length @imagestylexpert !
  • @MarieDenee @wearswithheels I agree with you fit is EVERYTHING!
  • @etupper jewelry can be a dead give away as well
  • @imagestylexpert @wearswithheels – yes agree w/ u on skirts and tops but unfortunately, 2 many women don’t focus on fit :( if they did, yes!

Q3 Are kids qualified to validate what we’re wearing? (Yeah, I’m going there!)

  • @MarieDenee I do this for my mom all the time! LOL… it depends though
  • @MarieDenee BTW HI Everyone! Thanks to @imagestylexpert I stumbled upon #stylechat
    • @fabuliss @MarieDenee @imagestylexpert Thanks…so nice to have personal stylists join in :)
  • @fabuliss I have a hard time when ppl tell me their kids (<18) help them. They have no idea what “professional” is.
  • @fontandink 24 yr. old daughter is a qualified, but looking at all of you I am in a different category.
    • @fabuliss @fontandink 24 YO daughter better gauge…but I say peers and more mature ppl are better advisors
  • @etupper It depends on their age
  • @fontandink also adding I love that my 24 yo knows the difference btwn a “work” top and “going out” top
  • @imagestylexpert I think for the most part yes. Kids can be very very honest and give a unique perspective.
  • @fabuliss @imagestylexpert Yes to the honesty part! Maybe use them as a initial measure. But don’t solely rely on them.
    • @growwithgraces I agree with this.

Q4 What or who defines “age appropriate” clothing?

  • @wearswithheels That’s a hard question. I think it’s about the individual. It’s almost an “I know it when I see it” kind of thing.
    • @fabuliss @wearswithheels Where do you think your knowledge comes from?
      • @wearswithheels e.g. v. stylish 30-smthg friend of mine ROCKS a Forever 21 bow-print top under a cardigan and suit. Would look silly on its own.
  • @etupper Part of it is the culture of your locale. Miami is different from Mpls.
    • @fabuliss @etupper Interesting to think about locale defining age-appropriate wear.
  • @MarieDenee Its situational. i’m 29, but thr R somethings that just will nevr work 4 me, regardless of my youth
  • @fontandink In work situations and some social it is defined by your audience
    • @MarieDenee YES! I agree 100% RT @FontandInk: Q4 – in work situations and some social it is defined by your audience
    • @fabuliss I really like @fontandink’s comment about your audience as defining age-appropriate outfits.
      • @etupper Me too!
  • @imagestylexpert I think society does. Most people have a sense of what is appropriate 4 specific ages. Corporate dress codes r influencers
    • @MarieDenee @imagestylexpert most definitely societal influencers…
  • @apasboy Hey @imagestylexpert this is interesting
    • @fabuliss @apasboy You’re welcome to join in! cc @imagestylexpert
    • @imagestylexpert Hi there! You should chime in and give your perspective!
  • @wearswithheels I’d LIKE to think I have an innate sense of style ;) but I take a lot of cues from my peers/colleagues/friends in same age group
    • @MarieDenee @wearswithheels Yes! I am always scouting out although I stay true to mines, your social circle has an influence!

Q5 What do you think of when you see someone dressed too young?

  • @etupper they are desperate for attention
  • @MarieDenee I overheard this: Mutton dressed as lamb… didnt understand at first… I just shake my head…
  • @fontandink To me it’s the worst fashion felony. Even worse then dressing too old.
    • @fabuliss @fontandink Tell us more!
  • @fabuliss “What was she thinking?”
  • @imagestylexpert I think they are feeling a little insecure and / or they don’t know or have a style of their own.
  • @SusieEsterline Lacks age acceptance, style direction and possibly low self-esteem.
  • @stylish_living I think people who dress too young are delusional & really need help in creating age apropos style.
  • @wearswithheels needs a reality check; would probably improve dramatically by making a few simple changes
    • @fabuliss @wearswithheels Yes, simple changes gets back to the fine line comment made earlier.
  • @fabuliss @SusieEsterline @stylish_living Welcome & thanks for joining in!
  • @fontandink Q5 is a sum of Q1-4. Agree with @susieesterline lacks age acceptance and low esteem
  • @apasboy Thx @imagestylexpert @fabuliss just a sideline enjoying reading everyone opinion,believe it I hv plenty to say lol
  • @bethanyg very late and likely just popping in for a moment between shoveling (still). What do you wear for that?
    • @fabuliss @bethanyg Hiya! A big puffy coat and warm boots :)

Q6 Let’s flip it. What do you think of when you see someone dressed too old?

  • @etupper That they are trying to hide, and go unnoticed.
    • @fabuliss @etupper Very interesting how this all comes back to self esteem
  • @wearswithheels for the love of God, work it while you’ve got it!
    • @fabuliss Hilarious/yes!
    • @imagestylexpert Hilarious!! So true!
    • @MarieDenee Two Snaps!
  • @MarieDenee I think that there could be a misdirection or complete miss on a desired look…
  • @SusieEsterline Dressing too old makes you look older.
    • @fabuliss So true.
  • @fontandink Just needs some adjusting. Doesn’t know they still be creative.
  • @fabuliss Lost.
  • @SusieEsterline There is an idea of how one should dress when they reach a certain age, but women (esp) are re-defining those rules.
  • @bethanyg Feeling a little worried that I don’t know when I dress too old/too young.
    • @apasboy just follow your heart
    • @stylish_living Look at stylish women in your age group who you think have great style & take some style cues from them

Q7 How old is too old to look sexy?

  • @fontandink Rather than sexy how about interesting, alive and still with it.
  • @growwithgraces No age is too old. If your body still looks good, why hide it?
  • @MarieDenee I think sexy is confidence, poise, and individual style
  • @SusieEsterlineWell, let’s ask Samantha Jones? Honestly, it depends on your personal tastes. Femininity can be mistaken for sex appeal.
    • @fontandink agree with @susieesterline that we are redefining those rules.
  • @etupper I think clothes are the last thing that define this
    • @fabuliss Well said Liz!
    • @imagestylexpert very true
    • @wearswithheels Amen!
  • @imagestylexpert you can look sexy at any age just not “overtly” sexy leaving nothing to the imagination.
  • @fabuliss A little sexy goes a long way. That said, it’s timeless and a HUGE confidence booster!
  • @etupper smexy
  • @stylish_living Sexy is a state of mind. If you’ve got it flaunt it but the older you get sexy should be displayed differently
  • @katenthekitchen Sexy is a state of mind. And age should have nothing to do with it.
  • @fabuliss BTW, amazing answers to Q7 people! This #stylechat group is on fire tonight…love it :)

Q8 What can we do to help others learn/understand when they’re out of sync?

  • @fontandink tough question. I would like to say we all need to be more honest, but that’s not easy
  • @wearswithheels that’s a sensitive area. I almost think you need to be asked; for the stylists in the group that’s a little easier. :)
    • @MarieDenee @wearswithheels Yes!!! I agree…
  • @fabuliss Compliments when great choices are made go a looooong way :)
    • @imagestylexpert Yes!
  • @imagestylexpert honesty is good but the person has to be open to it. If not, they take it as an insult and not open to change
  • @etupper How do you help someone who is clueless? This feedback could be really hard to deliver.
    • @stylish_living @etupper I’ve had good luck suggesting different options for style challenged friends. I do it in a nice way.
      • @etupper @stylish_living I should consult you for some tips :)
        • @stylish_living @etupper Sure thing! I love to shop & help people develop their personal style.
    • @fabuliss @etupper You are doing a great job of leading by example – that carries a lot of weight. cc @stylish_living
      • @etupper Thx!
    • @timallenonline @etupper You can never own too many Old Navy long sleeve polos.
      • @etupper Ha!
  • @etupper I would rather #stylechat then watch football #nfl

Q9 So what about men? What are things they need to be aware of when it comes to age-appropriate style?

  • @apasboy Am I the only guy here?
    • @fabuliss @apasboy We have a lot of followers that don’t chime in….men included.
  • @imagestylexpert Stay away from “dad” jeans – lol
    • @etupper LOL
    • @fabuliss @imagestylexpert Funny. Let’s be specific for the men out there. Faded wash, baggy legs, tapered at the ankle…
  • @etupper That rock band ripped jeans combo from your 20s is no longer working
  • @SusieEsterline Menswear is more timeless and less trend-focused than women’s. A suit’s a suit, jeans are jeans.
  • @wearswithheels well-fitting slacks and a crisp shirt work for any man, any age. (I suppose same could be said for women too)
    • @fabuliss @wearswithheels A crisp button down shirt on a man is essential. Can be dressed up/down.
  • @imagestylexpert Shoes are a great way to stay current; great pair of laced up leather oxford or nice loafer
    • @fontandink @imagestylexpert agree with you and same is true for women. A good shoe/boot, scarf and handbag will take you far.
  • @ColleenMick Must confess, as a woman with no style, I learn so much stalking #stylechat and reading @fabuliss’ blog posts…
    • @fabuliss @ColleenMick Awwww (blushing). Thanks, Colleen!
  • @fabuliss What about hair color & facial hair for men? How do they relate to age-appropriate style?
    • @fabuliss Hair color can definitely help youthful appearance. Match your natural color vs. trying a new color.
    • @fontandink For us older ones I think gray hair for men can be distinguished and sexy. For older women, well…cover up
      • @etupper I think women look great with gray hair. My mom stopped dying her hair 2 years ago and she looks better then ever.
      • @apasboy Blushing
      • @imagestylexpert A gr8t example of distinguished gray @apasboy !
    • @imagestylexpert hair color/facial hair depends on person’s goals. If they want 2 look more mature, they can opt for facial hair.
    • @marcoscopic don’t hide the gray, go bald with grace & groom the facial hair to help be age appropriate
      • @fabuliss Hello…Thanks for weighing in :)

Q10 Last question. What can retailers do to help us dress age-appropriate?

  • @fabuliss This can be tough esp when retailers try to appeal to younger demographics.
  • @wearswithheels I think we’re mostly on our own with that. Learn what works for you and seek it out.
  • @imagestylexpert market to appropriate audiences and use models in specific age groups
    • @etupper Agree
    • @fabuliss I like this…except to @stylish_living’s point, youth-obsessed is tough. Hard to know how old models are…
      • @imagestylexpert yes but can at least be in a realistic age range! :)
  • @stylish_living Good ques. We live in such a youth obsessed society, that the 30+ can get lost in the retail world.
  • @fabuliss Retailers who show how their trend items work with classic pieces are fantastic.
    • @imagestylexpert Completely agree!
  • @stylish_living Retailers need to hold their buyers accountable for acquiring fashions that will appeal to people 30+
  • @fabuliss In general I wish retailers would stop making us chase trends and help us seek out personal style.
    • @stylish_living Chasing trends generates more $$$ being spent aka a retailer’s dream, ching-ching!

Thank you all for an amazing #stylechat tonight. Have a great and stylish week!

@imagestylexpert @etupper @fontandink @MarieDenee @wearswithheels @growwithgraces @SusieEsterline @apasboy @stylish_living @bethanyg @kateinthekitchen @colleenmick @timallenonline @marcoscopic

#stylechat is hosted Sunday nights, 9 PM CT. See you next week!

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11/14 #stylechat Summary: Jeans

November 14, 2010

The inspiration for this topic came from someone’s comment on Twitter.  Unfortunately I can not remember who to thank!

Highlights from the discussion included:

  • I absolutely love this quote from Clinton Kelly: “The purpose of a jean is to make your ass look cute.”
  • The quantity of jeans owned varies – from 2 to 50.
  • Some people are hanging on to old jeans that do not fit…they, like many clothes, hold a lot of nostalgia.
  • Jeans go with a lot of looks and styles and can be worn a lot of ways.
  • Desired dollar amount to spend on jeans for this group was definitely under $100.
  • Not surprisingly, fit is the biggest challenge when it comes to jeans.
  • Custom jeans sounds interesting but may be more of a challenge than is worth the hassle of measuring.
  • To close the gap in the back of jeans, I can attest to the success of Hollywood Fashion Tape’s Hip Hugger – it works with pants and jeans and is so much better than wearing a belt.
  • No one wants to see someone else in a pair of really tightly fitted jeans.
  • Stretch denim is great but saggy butt is not.
  • Jeans are purchased at a wide range of places – from boutiques and petite departments to Old Navy and The Buckle.
  • One of the men who participated said he researches which jeans to invest in based on durability.
  • Final thoughts in terms of what retailers can take away:
    • “Life isn’t a runway” Use real people for your fit models please
    • I appreciate varied fits and inseams whenever possible. Also, too many premium denim styles are WAY too low-rise.
    • Make every size universal. A 12 is a 12.
    • Have GOOD sales people that know about jeans!
  • Memorable jean brands from the past included Guess, Girbaud and Calvin Klein.

#stylechat is a hosted chat every Sunday evening at 9 PM CT.  Everyone is welcome to this free and open forum!

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11/7 #stylechat Summary: Shopping With/For Him

November 14, 2010

This #stylechat was inspired by a great idea from one of my favorite Tweeples, @sarahjaneml, who suggested an event for women to shop for men.  It led to this topic, as well as an evening at locally owned MartinPatrick3, a fantastic store I’ve dubbed Patina for men.

Highlights from the chat include:

  • The most success comes when partners shop together for him, when he is ready.
  • He is ready when he is out of something or when there is a specific need.  He typically doesn’t shop just because.
  • Return rates are high when shopping online or when shopping for him (versus with him).
  • Similar to women’s clothing, men’s clothing is different by store and brand so fit can be a moving target.  And I have been hearing more and more about vanity sizing with men’s clothing.  It is a trick to make us think we are not changing size or to build brand preference.
  • When something fits and he likes it, it’s a great idea to buy multiples.

#stylechat is a hosted chat every Sunday evening at 9 PM CT.  Everyone is welcome to this free and open forum!

{ Fabuliss helps women and men learn how to create and shop for outfits that align with their personal brand.  Color, fit, closets and shopping. or 612-554-4629 }

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