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Fan Request: Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

June 17, 2010

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Twitter follower @missbridetobe is, as you can tell by her handle, getting married! She is blogging her way through wedding planning and is currently preparing for her engagement photos.

She and her fiance have selected their photographer and plan to pose on the U of M campus, where the couple met.

What to wear?

Here are a few pieces of advice, based on engagement photos found online.

My first recommendation is to make sure you choose clothes that reflect who you are. Are you preppy? Are you funky? Are you a combination of sophisticated and wild? You want your photos, which will be displayed by your parents, grandparents and all over the Internet, to match your personality.

Next, consider bringing two outfits – one casual and one dressy – so you have more options to choose from. If that seems overwhelming or if time is tight, think about ways to layer for different looks. Jackets, sweaters or vests can quickly change up a look.

OK, now for outfit ideas for the engaged couple.

Low Contrast Colors

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What I like about these photos is that the couples seem like a unit, even though they are wearing different colors.

  • Left: While she definitely pops out of the picture in a red dress, his dark jacket and jeans matches the strength of her dress color.
  • Center: I love the blue color of his shirt.  I think this works based on what they’re wearing and the photographer.  We see his shirt, then we see him looking at her.  The connection is natural and pulls this couple together.
  • Right: A white dress on her, suggestive of a bride, is sweet.  And I like that he’s casual and in color – it’s a nice, soft contrast to what she’s wearing.

Contrasting Colors

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Contrasting colors can work too!  Just use with caution because you want to look like a couple.

  • Left: What I like about this couple is their choice of staying in a color theme, despite contrasting in shades.
  • Center: Like the center photo in the Low Contrast Colors section, this photo works because he’s looking at her.  I also like the choice of white and tan, which are classic and neutral.
  • Right: This works for me because there is some contrast but her black blends together with his dark suit.


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If you or your fiance is considering prints, here are a few combinations that could work.

  • Left: There is a nice balance with the dark trim details on her dress and the noisy plaid print of his shirt.
  • Center: His white shirt, dark jacket and medium-toned jeans work with her dress that has a similar set of tones.
  • Right: The dark print on her dress is a good balance with his dark suit, while distinguishing her with feminine details and textures.

Ideas for Black & White Photography

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I am a huge fan of black and white photography.  If you plan to have this style of photography as part of your shoot, you will want to consider a few things.

  • Left: In this city scape, the couple’s choice of dark colors help them to stand out.  Going with something dramatic – either dark or light – will ensure you are seen.
  • Center: This is the same couple from the Low Contrast Colors photo on the right.  Their choice of colors works great in black and white – she pops a little with her white dress without blending in to his slightly darker tones.
  • Right: This is a great example of how dark clothing works great in a busy setting.  The low contrast choice keeps our eyes on them as a couple.

Do you need help picking out your outfits for photos?  Fabuliss can help!

Contact me for session information and pricing – or 612-554-4629.

Visit @missbridetobe’s blog, to get all the juicy details about her plans and follow her tweets on Twitter.

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