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The Fabuliss Style Team Helps Stephanie Reinvent Herself with Clothes, Hair and Makeup

April 7, 2011

Meet Client Stephanie

This is Stephanie on the day of our shopping appointment.  She is a delightful woman, at the early part of her career as an accounting assistant for a nonprofit organization.  She contacted me because she was ready to look more stylish.

We met at Southdale and powered through a half day of shopping that included The Limited, New York & Company and JC Penney.

For a complete makeover, I set her up with my style team: makeup and skincare expert Connie Schmidt (Arbonne) and hair expert Lucille Pew (Bleach Salon).

  • I work with Connie because she has a beautiful and natural look.  She helps my clients learn how to achieve that natural look with tips to use makeup in a way that enhances and empowers.
  • I work with Lucille because she has really loves hair.  She has been dreaming about being a stylist since she was a little girl and it shows.  She’s passionate and talented – a winning combination!

Introducing the new Stephanie!

Stephanie's Before & After

{ click to enlarge }

A few words about the changes we made:

  • A short haircut with layers gives her a lot of style and enhances her face shape and features.
  • Her makeup gives her a finished yet natural look.
  • Clothing and accessories compliment her skin tone, hair  color and eyes.

Ready for a few looks we put together?

Stephanie's Business Meeting Look

{ click to enlarge }

We found this 2-piece suit to match Stephanie’s blue eyes with a pop of a brighter blue to give the look a feminine touch.  And I love pairing all this blue with brown and gold jewelry to bring in her hair color.  Lastly, a pair of sassy red shoes add style and confidence to her look.

Stephanie's Relaxed Business Look

{ click to enlarge }

Using the same pants from the above suit, she can pair a different colored top that works with her red tones.  The striped draped cardigan is smart casual with it’s clean lines, shaped fit and ruffled hemline.

Stephanie's Date Night Look

{ click to enlarge }

There is nothing better than a pretty pink top, casual cardigan, a little bling and cute flats to make a girl feel prepared for date night!

What does Stephanie think?

I had a lot of fun shopping and learned a lot about the type of clothes and accessories that look good for my body type.

Are you ready for your makeover moment?  Let’s talk!

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Fabuliss Helps Annie Begin to Discover Her Style

May 18, 2010


{ click to enlarge }

Meet Annie.  Her mom brought her to the Mall of America to spruce up her style.  Well, spruce up is a bit of an understatement.  She needed style and thankfully, she was up for anything.

But first, we had to figure out what was under that huge sweatshirt and baggy jeans.

Are you ready to see what she looks like “after”?

Are you sure?

Annie...Before and After

{ click to enlarge }

The above photos are what Annie wore to the mall and what I met her in (left) and one of the initial outfits we found at Macy’s (right).

Because this was the first time I had met Annie and because she really didn’t know where to start, our shopping was a process of elimination in terms of style.

We found some good basics at Macy’s in the Juniors department but had to wade through A LOT of trendy, cheap-quality items.

At Old Navy, we found some summer basics but we still weren’t finding “it.”

Our last stop was Forever 21.  Honestly, I’m not that familiar with the store other than the accessories. After wandering through the HUGE store, which is full of every trend possible, she found what I would consider her first signature item.

Her signature itemTalk about a transformation!  This is a far cry from the jeans and t-shirt I put her in to try to break her in to basics that fit.

It was an amazing moment to see her light up when she found this and saw herself in the mirror.

After recovering from trying on everything I gave her – with a smile, I might add – I hope she had enough energy to show her mom what we found.

It was fun to work with someone young who is discovering style from an entirely different perspective than I did.

Contact me at when you’re ready to start, refresh or re-engage with your personal style.

Special thanks to professional hair and make-up artist Nicole Fae for referring Annie.

And a very special thanks to Annie for letting me photograph her for this blog post.

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