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Fabuliss Helps Joell Reinvent a Business Casual Wardrobe

October 15, 2010

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Meet Joell, a client who contacted me via email with the following:

I came across your website Fabuliss and felt the need to contact you…I’m trying to look young and fun but not look like a 22 year old …I would really love for you to come and look at my closet and determine what stays and goes and then some major shopping!…My work environment is business casual…However, I would like to look more “put together” and not just wear khakis and cotton shirts or jeans and t-shirts.

Based on talking with a lot of women, I know this is how many of you feel.  We are trying to look young and age appropriate as well as navigating the countless interpretations of “business casual.”

While working in a relaxed environment makes for comfortable dressing, it does not necessarily help us bring our A game to each day.  And when you lose that edge, it can affect self-confidence and other people’s opinions of us.


During Joell’s Custom Color Analysis, we discovered her amazing teal-grey eyes. When this color is in stores, she will need to buy one of everything!  Thanks to the color process and system I partner with Ditto & Co. to provide, Joell has a comprehensive color palette she can use for shopping any time of the year.

As part of her package, Joell also had a Fit & Style where we determined her vertical body type is balanced, her horizontal body type is a rectangle and her face shape is rectangular.

From this, we have detailed recommendations like a convertible collar is great, a crewneck is only good if worn with an exposed shirt collar and avoid the peter pan collar due to face shape.

These tools will make it easier for Joell to shop with or without help because she knows what to focus on and what to forget about.


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Armed with colors and fit information, we classified most of Joell’s current clothing as “weekend” and headed to the mall for some serious shopping.

This season, there are an abundance of purple shades, including Joell’s purples, so she snapped up a lot of pieces including shells and top layers.

She can pair the purple with grey and navy, her neutrals for Fall and Winter.  We found a couple of additional items including a brown skirt to pair with cute knee-high brown boots and a camisole that is in the same color family as her eyes.

After a total of 7 hours of shopping, she has a great set of items to mix and match to create outfits like the ones above.  From pants, skirts and shells to jackets, sweaters, necklaces and shoes, she should have enough pieces to create new outfits for at least a month.


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Since reinventing her wardrobe, Joell is getting noticed.  She immediately began receiving feedback about how “dressed up” she looked and her confidence in herself, as well as putting together her own outfits, is continually on the rise.

I can’t wait to hear the feedback when she wears this great dress on a date, to a party or out with girlfriends!

Are you looking for help to transform or reinvent what you wear to work?  Fabuliss can help – from color and fit analysis to closet evaluation and personal shopping.

{ Fabuliss helps women and men learn how to create and shop for outfits that align with their personal brand.  Color, fit, closets and shopping. or 612-554-4629 }

Transitioning Skirts from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter

September 23, 2010

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Clients want to know…is it possible to take summer skirts into Fall?  If the fabric is cotton – especially a heavier weight – it can be possible.

The above photos are two of my clients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  They each have skirts that they like to wear and want to keep wearing into the cooler weather.

Here are ideas for how to wear skirts year-round, using items that can be found at Nordstrom.

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This skirt is casual because it’s a lighter weight and it’s construction is simple.  The type of floral pattern also adds to a more casual look – think country or prairie.

A 3/4 sleeve cardigan is a great top layer for summer.  A pop of color underneath the sweater, also known as up on the inside, creates a column for the wearer to help create a long, tall line between the skirt and top.  A lighter top layer will be good for women with triangle shapes needing to emphasize the top half.  A neutral toned shoe will anchor the look and would tie in nicely with gold-toned jewelry.

For cooler temperatures, a denim jacket is a versatile top layer for smart casual.  It provides structure and is a great top layer for warmth as well as for covering up the undesired result of extra weight.  Deeper tones, which are always more prevalent for Fall and Winter, will be seasonally appropriate and pair well with a dark brown pair of knee-high boots.

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This skirt is dressier because it’s a heavier cotton and has more structure to it.  Additionally, the floral pattern is more sophisticated and grey and black are generally more sophisticated than pastels.

For warmer temperatures, a structured jacket and pretty shell create a professional, polished look.  With a dark color on the outside, called up on the outside, it will work for larger busts and inverted triangle body types.  A pop of color with accessories is a great way to add personal style.  These wine colored shoes would pair beautifully with silver jewelry.

When the weather turns cool, a structured jacket with long sleeves is a polished top layer.  A dressy shell – with stylish detailing and in a fine or medium knit or fabric – creates a great Fall color palette.  A black or dark grey pair of knee-high boots keep the legs warm and are more sophisticated than a pair of opaque tights.

To find out the best colors, styles and items for your body colors, body type and wardrobe, Fabuliss can help!  Learn more at or contact us at with questions or for more information.

{ Fabuliss helps women and men learn how to create and shop for outfits that align with their personal brand.  Color, fit, closets and shopping. or 612-554-4629 }

Fall 2010 Picks Part 1…a.k.a. That Would Look Great On Me!

August 22, 2010

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Here are picks for the upcoming season that would look great on my petite body, which is a rectangle-ish size 12-ish with a generous bust and an oval face shape.

As far as what works for me now these are a few things I know:

  • The more vertical buttons on a jacket, the better
  • Fitted – but not tight – looks better on me than boxy or baggy
  • Darker colors and structured or skimming fabrics keep me out of Spanx-like shapewear
  • V-necks and/or anything that draws a vertical line down my body makes me look taller
  • Keeping color contrast similar on my top and bottom will make me look taller and thinner
  • Pointy toed shoes and boots with a medium chunky heel are my best friend

With that, here are early fall picks grouped into outfit ideas that easily multiply and/or mix and match with things you may already have.

Casual Corduroy

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This set of outfits is based around Anthropologie’s Finishing School Skirt (11) which is a subtle a-line that draws skims my hips and creates the bottom of an hourglass.  I would pair this skirt with Donald J Pliner Jokla boots from Nordstrom (16) which are similar in contrast.

The top half combinations, clockwise from bottom left:

  • A fitted denim jacket (1) goes great with corduroy and is a great layer over a patterened shell (9).  Pockets in the bust region as shown on the jacket can add volume but these are small, monochromatic and appear to lie flat.  The ruffles and pattern are not too small or too large for my frame and bust size.  I would leave this (and most) jackets unbuttoned.
  • The clay brick color of this fitted corduroy jacket (3) is perfect because it matches the red undertones in my skin.  And while I don’t like denim with denim, this corduroy pairing in similar wales seems like a doable match.  A shirt with a horizontal pattern (7) adds some interest while camouflaging my shape.
  • A soft cardigan with pretty ruffles (4) dresses the cord skirt up and a silky cami or shirt (8) is a simple base layer.

The tiered gold Miren Necklace from Chico’s (15) will add shine and finish to any of these outfits.

A charcoal or off-black pair of tights (17) in the same contrast bridges any gaps between the skirt and boots while keeping my legs covered and warm.  I prefer a little design element on tights or nylons to break up a completely solid streak.  The more minimal this design, the more professional and polished.

If you’re not into skirts, a pair of thin-wale corduroy pants would be a great alternative.

Dressed Up Denim

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If you don’t have a great-fitting pair of dark denim jeans (14), RUN, DON’T WALK to get a pair now!  These are an essential wardrobe item and it seems like everyone is recreating and re-engineering their fits.

Straight cuts are the universally best fit for petite women under 5’4″ and a bootcut is great to balance hips in the larger sizes.  A stylish ankle boot with a mid-sized heel (19) gives adds height and a color like bourdeaux keeps things fun and interesting while being neutral.

The top half combinations, clockwise from bottom left:

Pair any of these looks with this beads and chain necklace (18) similar to one I get endless compliments on.

Silky Soft & Pretty

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Ann Taylor’s Modern Carving Tulip Skirt (13) is an interesting mix of pattern and fabric in a great subtle a-line shape.  Silk has a lovely drape while holding structure, making it a great option for dressing up.

The key to wearing a lighter weight item into fall is layers on top and bottom.  Fortunately, the pattern on this skirt gives it weight so it won’t look imbalanced with heavier fabrics on top.  I selected the Me Too Pixy Pump from Nordstrom (22, I recommend the Violet Patent) but a sleek black or grey dressy boot would be another ideal option to warm the look up.

A pair of sheer grey, black or nude nylons (21) will keep in balance with the silk fabric.

A set of pearls mixed with gold (20) adds an elegant statement to all of these outfits.

Everything Goes with Basic Brown

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All of the pieces from the other outfit combinations above work with a classic pair of brown trousers (12) in a dressy fabric and weight.  The dark red ankle boot with a mid-sized heel (19) keeps these outfits from being a total snooze.

Incorporating a sparkly necklace like Nordstrom’s Metallic Beads (23) keeps the outfits from looking stuffy while lighting up your face.

What pieces are waiting for you this fall?

If you’re finding yourself stumped, overwhelmed or out of time, Fabuliss can help!

{ Fabuliss helps women and men learn how to create and shop for outfits that align with their personal brand.  Color, fit, closets and shopping. or 612-554-4629 }

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