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Fabuliss Helps Laura Shop Her Closet to Discover Great Outfits

June 6, 2010

Laura in Before and After Outfits

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Laura has a full closet, which gave us a lot of options to mix & match with.

She has a great sense of what colors look good on her but wasn’t sure how to put them together.

From left to right above, her outfits are “before” (not bad), work, weekend and day-to-evening.

A few things Laura discovered during our session:

  • Pale pink is a great neutral for her.  It’s almost a nude because it blends so well with her skin tone.
  • Her skirts and dresses are fitting her great so she may be opting for these this summer.
  • She can wear a belt, but not as a high-contrast accessory due to her vertical proportions.
  • Brown shoes (vs. black) work really well with her colors and her hair.
  • She will be looking for more fitted top layers to slim her silhouette.
  • Her jewelry collection is GREAT!  She has a few key pieces that are incredibly versatile.
  • She will likely shop for petite tops and regular bottoms.  She may need to shop both departments for dresses to find the best fit.

If you’d like to learn more about how I helped Laura or how I could help you, get in touch!

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Fabuliss Helps Erin Coordinate Separates

May 7, 2010

Erin Before & AfterMeet our mid-April winner, Erin!  She won a free session where I helped her shop her closet for outfits.

Erin’s closet is full of cute separates from Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor LOFT, Gap and Banana Republic.  The majority of them are in the neutral colors – brown, black, khaki, grey and off white.  She told me she likes and incorporates some jewel tones, which look fantastic on her.

At first glance, Erin’s “Before” picture (above, left) is solid.  She has a ruffled shell on and a colored top layer.  It’s a good basics outfit but can quickly turn into a uniform, swapping out colored sweaters and different shades of neutral pants.

By simply adding the black and white necklace (above, center), she instantly adds some attitude and personality.

The “After” picture (above, right) is a more styled version of basics because we mixed a variety of details – appliques on the tee-shirt, stripes on the pants, colored shoes and a cargo jacket.

As we worked, we addresses some of Erin’s key challenges:

  • I agree that if there are obvious silver (or gold) details on one piece, metals should match.  I typically make an exception with buttons but I tend to look for gold vs. silver.
  • For work, I would recommend a longer cropped pant vs. a shorter capri.  Even though a capri shows less leg than a skirt or dress, capris are very casual.
  • Generally, if you’re no longer drawn to wearing something, it’s probably time to recycle it.
  • Prints and chunky jewelry on a petite frame should be done with care.  For Erin’s 5′ height and slender frame, small prints will work best and she should stay away from huge beads or medallions.
  • I recommend top layers for anyone…a jacket or a sweater go a long way in terms of making an outfit more complete.
  • Belts should be worn at the smallest part of your waist.  If you’re self-conscious about the tummy area, try a camisole underneath to smooth things out.
  • Colored shoes can be neutral.  I think purple and yellow are extremely versatile and add a lot of personality – especially if you tend to dress in basics.

Two outfitsBecause I wanted to make the most of our time, I didn’t make Erin try on every outfit we created, but here are two that came together in the middle of our session.

On the left, the lightweight blue sweater is a great top layer for summer.  It is paired with the same ruffled shirt she’s wearing above and a pair of brown pants with a faint blue pinstripe.  I picked out a simple, multi-layered gold necklace and this could be paired with her purple slingbacks, black peep toe wedges or a cute pair of metallic sandals.

On the right, we took a jacket from one of her suits and paired it with this printed dress.  The top layer neutralizes the print – which is helpful for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of prints.  We paired the chunky necklace with this outfit and a black peep toe wedge.

After working with Erin, I recommended several packages she may be interested in down the road:

  • Online shopping – I pick out pieces for you to buy on your own or engage me to buy and return for you
  • In-store shopping – I meet you at a location with a list of items or types of outfits and an itinerary
  • Inventory – I do a detailed inventory of what you have, what goes together and what you need
  • Look book – this can be added on to any service and is a personalized digital PDF of outfit photos for you to keep

Is your closet full but you feel like you don’t have anything to wear?  Fabuliss can help!  Contact me at for a free 30-minute in-person consultation in May 2010…I will answer your style questions and we can talk about what would be best for your needs.

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