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10/10 #stylechat Recap – Fall Style

October 18, 2010

Twitter #stylechat

Hello and welcome to #stylechat. Tonight we’re focusing on Fall #style.  Let’s get started!

1) What is your newest or most exciting Fall style purchase so far?

bethanyg: @fabuliss – I got some great gray boots that you recommended!
mrobin032009:  I’m loving the open front cardigans I’ve bought 3 so far this season.

  • fabuliss: @bethanyg Awesome! So glad to hear you’ve found good boots.
  • bethanyg: @fabuliss – yes, I got the gray suede ones with the buckles.

mrobin032009: @fabulissGetting tons of compliments every time I wear the argyle sweater dress you recommended too.
fabuliss: My favorite is definitely boots!
bethanyg: Ooh, agreed on open front cardigans.

  • fabuliss: @mrobin032009 @bethanyg Have you had to try on a lot of the cardigans to find one that drapes right?
  • bethanyg: @fabuliss – I only have 2 and both drape great. I am pretty busty, so the drape is somehow easier. Strange I know.
  • fabulissDrape/open cardigan: if you’re a triangle shape, make sure not too much volume around hips. If inverted tri, hip volume = yes!

skinnerjones: hi! same here…some new camel boots are my new and only fall purchase so far!
whereitblooms: I’m so into boots these season. Bought 3 pairs: camel boot, OTK black riding boot and a suede bootie. Needed to update.

  • fabuliss: @WhereitBlooms I’m jealous of all your boots :) Sound like some great finds!
  • whereitblooms: Felt like splurging on shoes this season and then just lots of leggings/sweaters and skinny jeans. Simply and easy.
  • whereitblooms: I especially love my OTK trendy black boots fold down so I have more options

fabuliss: Do any men out there want to weigh in? Have you found a great sweater, vest or jacket? Shoes?
k_nikki: 1) I bought some knee high cognac suede boots I’m excited to wear

  • fabuliss: @k_nikki Cognac sueded boots sounds delicious!

2) What is on your Fall #style wish list?

bethanyg:  a coordinated wardrobe!

  • fabuliss: @bethanyg Focus on 2 neutrals & 2 colors to simplify coordinated wardrobe :)
  • bethanyg: @fabuliss – conflicted between wanting to feel plentiful and wanting coordination.
  • fabuliss: @bethanyg Go for coordinated…it will be MUCH easier to get dressed!

MNgurl1183:  hmmm I want another pair of Uggs

  • whereitblooms: Uggs R Addicting
  • MNgurl1183: @whereitblooms @fabuliss I have a black knit pair and love them
  • whereitblooms: Actually UGG has a great new tennis shoe I almost bought. they have the cozy inside too.
  • fabuliss: @MNGurl1183 @whereitblooms I try to never say “never” but I don’t know that Uggs will be in my shoe closet…
  • MNgurl1183: @WhereitBlooms @fabuliss I have never really owned Uggs before last Christmas
  • whereitblooms: @fabuliss what???? No UGGS??? I’m stunned. You live in MN what do you wear in minus degree weather?
  • fabuliss: @WhereitBlooms LOL. I have some really cute gold boots w/faux fur. Time to replace tho so we’ll see… :)
  • bethanyg: I have ugg-like boots that lace so slightly less schlumpy looking, love them. Still won’t wear w/ shorts & a hoodie though! :)
  • MNgurl1183: @whereitblooms @fabuliss I actually learned about Uggs when I was in England.
  • whereitblooms: @bethanyg Yeah, that’s the Brittney look …no Uggs w/shorts and hoodies please!
  • bethanyg: The uggs/shorts/hoodie look makes me cringe. I thus spend a lot of time at the MOA cringing.
  • fabuliss: Uggs origin according to Wikipedia:
  • mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms I’m not into Uggs either. I always thought it was a teen thing – too old for it.
  • bethanyg: These are my ugg-like boots: Hope @fabuliss approves!
  • IDS07: @fabuliss I’ve never been a fan of chicks wearing them…
  • whereitblooms: Ok all…can’t believe you don’t wear Uggs! Nothing beats barefoot in Uggs in MN winter. #stylechat I wouldn’t wear them to a meeting though
  • skinnerjones: uggs r so not a teen thing – they’re so practical!
  • whereitblooms: @skinnerjones Thanks! Needed the Ugg support :)
  • skinnerjones: @WhereitBlooms – word. should have said practical and HEAVENLY!
  • fabuliss: @IDS07 Can you tell us what types of boots you DO like seeing the ladies in…pretty please? :)
  • MNgurl1183: @WhereitBlooms @skinnerjones Glad I have Uggs supporters here :D
  • whereitblooms: @skinnerjones Yes!!!! Heavenly is a good word 4 Uggs. Also just bought a pair of @TOMSshoes this weekend they r comfy too.

whereitblooms: Cozy sweaters (not scratchy) and could use some new accessories. What is a good bag that goes with everything? Color?

  • fabuliss: @WhereitBlooms Metallics can be universal if tones match (warm vs. cool). Also dark shades of red, purple, green or blue
  • whereitblooms: @fabuliss Great tip on the bag. I have a dark purple but metallic would be nice too!

fabuliss: I am in search of a brown wool subtle a-line skirt!
skinnerjones: a few more long tunics and cardigans on my wish list! oh and some cute/casual tennis shoes.

  • whereitblooms: @skinnerjones Me too! Finding long tunics is tough. I don’t like bulky sweaters so tunics are better. Any luck?
  • skinnerjones: @WhereitBlooms no luck yet…but haven’t really had time to look either. too busy style chatting :)

bethanyg: Seriously, looking for more professional pieces, better outerwear, debating keeping or not 3 recent shoe purchases.

  • fabuliss: @bethanyg Where are you searching for your more pro pieces & outerwear?
  • bethanyg: @fabuliss – Outerwear — Fall jacket and winter coat, pref. colored, accents hourglass shape
  • bethanyg: @fabuliss – Professional pieces – unknown, that’s the problem, something that inspires confidence in my clients but comfortable.

k_nikki: @fabuliss 2) I need a good work dress in a heavy/fall fabric. I just have summer dresses!

3) What types of fabrics, colors & accessories are you go-to Fall items?

bethanyg: Gray, always gray.
whereitblooms: I am into neutral colors and actually staying more in the browns and lighter colors vs my typical black.
whereitblooms: Love grey! Wearing it now :) RT @bethanyg@fabuliss – Gray, always gray.
skinnerjones: black, nude/oatmeal?, and accesories…colorful & fun scarves!
fabuliss: Great Fall neutrals: brown, navy, grey, army green
whereitblooms: Love fun scarves too… and am getting into layering bracelets and jewelry more. Taking more fashion risks and not matching.

  • bethanyg: @whereitblooms – Trying to do more scarves. Suspect I am not French enough.

whereitblooms: In search of army green cargos too. Skinny fit but can I wear those with the camel boot or do the black boot?

  • fabuliss: @WhereitBlooms Camel will draw extra attention to legs…add balance with focal point above bust.

MNgurl1183: I love adding a scarf to my outfit or to my fall coat :D

  • fabuliss: @MNGurl1183 Yes, scarves w/winter coats are SO much fun to shop for :)

fabuliss: I love mixing wool with silk for Fall. I also love suede and leather as part of Fall. A little hard to talk about after 70+ day

  • mrobin032009: Suede boots rock – but there seem to be so few days you can wear them – don’t want them to get wrecked by snow/salt
  • whereitblooms: Get nervous about suede in MN winters. Salt will ruin them won’t it?
  • k_nikki: I save my suede kicks for the cleaner days, for sure
  • mrobin032009: @k_nikki Suede boots & shoes are still a Fall must have.

whereitblooms: Style + Comfort = Happy (that includes Uggs)
mrobin032009: I do love army green/moss green whatever you want t o call it for the Fall. It goes with so much – Pumpkin too

  • fabuliss:@mrobin032009 Army green + pumpkin = wow (if those are your best colors!)
  • fabuliss: @mrobin032009 BTW I suspect you can definitely pull of pumpkin :)
  • mrobin032009: @fabuliss Yes I rock pumpkin for sure : )

fabuliss: For daytime scarves, if you have a short-average length neck, stick with lightweight scarves and DO NOT wrap neck :)

4) What types of fabrics, colors & accessories do you like wearing to dress up for Fall?

mrobin032009: Tweeds in skirts & pants are a work staple for Fall. Opaque tights too.
skinnerjones: love golds for fall!

  • goodsgirl: Silver too? Thought of you with my glitzed greens for indoor pop! RT @skinnerjones: love golds for fall! #stylechat
  • fabuliss: @goodsgirl @skinnerjones Silver is good for cool palettes while gold is great for warm palettes.
  • skinnerjones: @goodsgirl ooohhh LOVE! yes, love some silver!

fabuliss: Wool weaves with metallic threads are great to dress up in. Velvet is always dressy. Leather & suede can be dressy too!
whereitblooms: Pops of color into my wardrobe. Trying to be more creative in style but sticking with solids and not patterns.

  • bethanyg: @whereitblooms – I think you are my style twin! I suck at using patterns well and generally stick with solids.
  • fabuliss: @WhereitBlooms Patterns are tricky for most people to figure out. Size, placement, shapes… Lots to think about!
  • whereitblooms: If I do a pattern I layer with a solid over …sweater and then keep everything else basic.
  • fabuliss: @WhereitBlooms Yes…amazing how a top layer really quiets down a noisy/loud pattern! And you get style points for interest.
  • whereitblooms: Thanx:) RT @fabuliss Yes…amazing how a top layer really quiets down a noisy/loud pattern! And you get style points for interest.

fabuliss: A velvet jacket with a white or cream ruffled shirt is so feminine and classic.
bethanyg: I seems to always have to stay away from buttoned shirts because of the gapping issue.

  • fabuliss: @bethanyg Have you tried Hollywood Fashion Tape? It’s AWESOME for gapes on shirts and sweaters :)
  • bethanyg: @fabuliss – good tip! Need to suss the sizing too, what fits in bust is too big everywhere else.
  • mrobin032009: @fabuliss @bethanyg It’s always that second button. Hate that peekaboo thing – It’s not like you can tailor shirts.
  • whereitblooms: @mrobin032009 @bethanyg I don’t have that problem if you know what i mean :) ) Adding some humor
  • mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms You are lucky!
  • whereitblooms: @mrobin032009 no…not lucky :( I’d take some more any day.
  • mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms You remind me of my sister-in-laws – they say the exact same thing. ; )
  • bethanyg: @whereitblooms, @mrobin032009 – You can always pad, but you can’t take away…
  • sweetweetak: you mean peek-a-boob shirts, don’t you? :) @fabuliss @bethanyg ?
  • fabuliss: @sweetweetak LOL…good one! Peek-a-boob shirts.
  • mrobin032009: @sweetweetak You’ve got it, darts never seem to be deep enough re: you mean peek-a-boob shirts don’t you? :)

k_nikki: I’ve been into velvet, too. Itsgreat when you can find it in shades that are rich but not the usual blk, maroon, navy

5) What are the biggest Fall faux pas when it comes to#style?

whereitblooms: where to begin? Skinny jeans w/fitted top = NO #stylechat “mom jeans”

  • sweetweetak: @whereitblooms @fabuliss just say NO to “mom jeans”
  • fabuliss: How to step away from the Mom jeans: A) Dark wash B) Boot or straight cut C) Waistband no higher than top of hip.
  • fabuliss: Stop Mom jeans pt 2 D) Length should be as long as possible (cover half of shoe heel) E) Wear a cute shoe w/a heel

fabuliss: Biggest pet peeve for Fall faux pas is wearing summer dresses/skirts without appropriate layering/accessorizing.

  • sweetweetak: @fabuliss Especially when it’s 10 below, brrr. There’s a saying we use in Alaska “it’s not too cold, you’re just underdressed”
  • k_nikki: @fabuliss I’m with you regarding the dresses. Also counts for more formal occasions …

whereitblooms: Athletic tennis shoes + jeans = NO could go on
mrobin032009: @fabuliss wearing summer weight fabrics with Fall/winter weights – i.e. lightweight cotton skirt with dark hose &/or wool jacket
fabuliss: And some dresses/skirts just should not be worn in Fall/Winter :)

  • skinnerjones: @fabuliss agreed!

6) What is one new thing you’re going to try this Fall to IGNITE your #style?

fabuliss: I am going to wear skirts & dresses this Fall. Have never done…excited to find and wear!
whereitblooms: Less black and more color

  • fabuliss: Love it! RT @WhereitBlooms: Less black and more color

sweetweetak: like the boots and dress look which I rarely try in winter and will zazz it up with graphic nylons/tights

  • fabuliss: @sweetweetak I think you should buy the URL :)

mrobin032009: I agree I’d like to find one more sweater dress – work dresses are not usually very flattering
missbridetobe: Wool mini skirts, tights and oxfords.
kshoop: Faux fur. Preferably a vest. Love Rachel Zoe’s new collection.

  • fabuliss: @kshoop Oooh…where is she selling them? QVC?
  • whereitblooms: I did get a faux fur vest “it’s bananas”
  • mrobin032009: @fabuliss @kshoop I was wondering the same thing… Love Bananas girl
  • fabuliss: @kshoop Client shopping – found a fun brown/blue faux fur vest at Marshall’s. It was perfect for her!
  • mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms You read my mind – LOL!
  • fabuliss: @WhereitBlooms Don’t you mean BA NA NAS? cc @kshoop @mrobin032009
  • whereitblooms: @fabuliss Sorry! Yes, BA NA NAS but I was limited by characters via Twitter
  • mrobin032009: @fabuliss @WhereitBlooms Don’t you mean BA NA NAS? cc @kshoop Do you think she’d do a maternity line ever since she’s preggo?
  • fabuliss: @WhereitBlooms Where did you find Rachel Zoe’s vests?
  • kshoop: @fabuliss Yes! Most of her pieces aren’t too outrageous in price either. “I die.”
  • fabuliss: @mrobin032009 She’s pregnant?!?!?!?!? I guess I had better watch those last two episodes!
  • mrobin032009: @fabuliss Yes, that’s the word on the street
  • whereitblooms: @fabuliss Didn’t get a Rachel Zoe vest but it inspired me. Found a great vest at Coco and Lolly but they closed the store now :(
  • kshoop: @mrobin032009 I’m sure it’s just around the corner for her re: preggo line. Nicole Richie did it.
  • whereitblooms: @mrobin032009 Is she preggo????? If so, she’ll probably now just wear a size 4 not no maternity line.
  • mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms @kshoop I could see it being a vintage inspired maternity line.

mrobin032009: A pair of killer knee high boots would be cool too – I’ve never found a pair that fit right.

  • whereitblooms: @mrobin032009 Got an OTK black flat boot that rolls down too by Franco Sarto and love them.
  • whereitblooms: My favorite new boots
  • mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms Love Franco Sarto, but they would have to have a high heel – I’m only 5′ 4 1/2″
  • mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms Hmm, those boots are cute
  • whereitblooms: @mrobin032009 I’m 5’5″ and I like the flat. I think if you do an over-the-knee with a heal it’s a little “Pretty Women” so no.
  • mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms I wouldn’t be wearing a mini with them! Geez! Ha Ha
  • mrobin032009: @WhereitBlooms I think it’s nice to extend the leg line & not have the gap between where the boot ends & the skirt begins.
  • whereitblooms: @mrobin032009 LOL!!! Yes, I do agree with boots meeting the skirt. I wear these boots too with skinny jeans and long sweater.

danitabecker: Discovering the thrift store jumpstarted my fall fashion

Read more about Fall style on my blog:

Thanks to all of our Twitter participants: @bethanyg @whereitblooms @skinnerjones @mrobin032009 @MNGurl1183 @IDS07 @k_nikki @goodsgirl @sweetweetak @missbridetobe @kshoop

Special thanks to @devilishdelish for her help with archiving #stylechat for this blog.

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Fabuliss Helps Laura Shop Her Closet to Discover Great Outfits

June 6, 2010

Laura in Before and After Outfits

{ click to enlarge }

Laura has a full closet, which gave us a lot of options to mix & match with.

She has a great sense of what colors look good on her but wasn’t sure how to put them together.

From left to right above, her outfits are “before” (not bad), work, weekend and day-to-evening.

A few things Laura discovered during our session:

  • Pale pink is a great neutral for her.  It’s almost a nude because it blends so well with her skin tone.
  • Her skirts and dresses are fitting her great so she may be opting for these this summer.
  • She can wear a belt, but not as a high-contrast accessory due to her vertical proportions.
  • Brown shoes (vs. black) work really well with her colors and her hair.
  • She will be looking for more fitted top layers to slim her silhouette.
  • Her jewelry collection is GREAT!  She has a few key pieces that are incredibly versatile.
  • She will likely shop for petite tops and regular bottoms.  She may need to shop both departments for dresses to find the best fit.

If you’d like to learn more about how I helped Laura or how I could help you, get in touch!

Visit to learn more about packages and to sign up for the eNewsletter.

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