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Summer of Dresses…Files #22 and 23

July 2, 2010

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These outfits are from Thursday and Friday; both photos were taken today.

THURSDAY – I had a couple of meetings with members from a conservative industry so I wanted to look summery yet professional.

  • Striped a-line cotton skirt – Talbots petite.  This skirt goes with every color.  Despite the pink and blue tops not matching exactly, I think it still works!
  • Pink cotton shell – Ann Taylor LOFT petite.  This is a great shell with a lot of shape that cinches my waist.  It’s sleeveless which makes it a comfortable layer for summer.
  • Navy cotton cardigan – Talbots petite.  I love the longer sleeve length on this sweater.  Some days I think the buttons down the front are all party while other days, they are all work.
  • Coral necklace – Macy’s.  This light pink coral actually picks up the light pink in the skirt.  It’s a casual alternative to pearls.
  • Caramel wedge sandals – Report, DSW.  I wasn’t sure if these shoes were too casual but seeing it in the picture, I think they’re OK.  The strappy nature dresses them up a little vs. a plain leather strap.

FRIDAY – this morning I had an appointment to help a Dress For Success Twin Cities client prepare for her new job, a quick stop to meet Becky Sturm at Storm Sister Spatique and lunch with a good friend from high school.

  • Turquoise cotton dress – Alfani petite, Macy’s.  I love the color of this dress!  It’s so vibrant and bold and makes me think of water.  I do think it needs a top layer because my shoulders are a little too strong but it’s a hot day, so I opted to wear as is.
  • Gold multi-chain necklace – Target.  I get so many compliments on this necklace, which was on clearance about a month ago.  It has a beaded mesh “collar” with a bunch of chains in the front.  I love it because it feels a little vintage, pops off bold colors and dresses up cotton.
  • Pewter slingbacks – Cole Haan, Macy’s.  Comfortable, dressy and sassy!

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Green, White & Blue…Ruffles, Stripes & Denim

July 2, 2010

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This casual outfit combines a number of been-there-done-that items you’ve seen in some fashion before.  In general, I’ve been in skirts a lot more than dresses because they are easier to keep ironed.  But I *will* be wearing a dress today!

  • Green cotton sweater: Talbots petite.  This is a great sweater to dress up a look with gold buttons and cute ruffles.
  • Striped cotton shirt: Chaps petite for Kohl’s.  Still love this striped number for every day!
  • Cotton denim skirt: Target.  This skirt doesn’t fit me nearly as good as the Ann Taylor LOFT denim skirt, but it’s an alternative for every day.  It doesn’t fit as good because the waist is huge, despite fitting me in the hips just fine.  It also has a bit more flare than I’d like, making my hips seem larger than I think they are.
  • Gold necklace: Gift.  The simple chain look is a little dressy and a little casual.
  • Caramel wedge sandals: Surprise, these are new!  I got them at DSW after a morning of hurting in another pair of shoes.  I guess you could say they were an unplanned, impulse buy.  They’re very casual but very comfortable!

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Fabuliss Helps Karli Mix and Match…Doesn’t She Look Smart?

May 27, 2010

Karli in 4 outfits

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Karli is an up-and-coming entrepreneur who splits her time between the travel industry and helping young athletes unlock their potential.

She describes herself as fun, friendly and outgoing and wanted help expressing her style through business casual.

We started at The Limited, a store she has shopped in the past and one that I believe has great casual separates.

I showed her a few items I thought might work for her.  Then she headed back to the dressing room with her bag of things she brought from home while I picked out a few things.

She has a number of great basics – grey pants, khaki skirt, pink blouse, black jacket – to mix and match with.  So we talked about how to use what she currently has with a couple of new pieces mixed in to achieve a smart business casual look.

Karli says, “I had no idea I could work with so many clothes in my current closet. I had great outfits I already owned I would have never thought to put together.”

After our initial conversation working with what she already has, she tried on a lot of clothing.  The photos above represent a small sampling of what we found (the khaki skirt is hers) and the different outfits she can make.

We also made a quick stop at DSW to find several shoes that she could wear with her new outfits.  She already has a huge collection but wanted some that polished off her professional look.

When your shoe size is not the average, it’s common to think that there’s nothing cute in your size.  But DSW continues to deliver.  We found several cute pumps – one snakeskin, one animal print and one classic red/tan pair.

In the short time since Karli has debuted her new clothes and shoes, she says she feels amazing.  People look at her differently, she is surely carrying herself differently and she’s no longer fighting with her closet day after day.

Are you ready to up your business casual to smart casual?  Fabuliss can help!  Visit or contact me at for more information.

Special thanks to Karli for giving me permission to feature her photos.

And thank you to the women working at The Limited in Mall of America.

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