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Fabuliss Helps New Mom Jamie Increase Her Style Quota with Post-Baby Body

March 16, 2011

Meet Client Jamie “Before”

Client Jamie "Before"

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Client Jamie’s husband bought her a gift certificate over the holidays because he knew Jamie was ready for change.

She was looking for clothing ideas that would work with her post-baby body, increase her style and give her ideas for what to invest in.

The outfit above is an example of a typical “before” – very casual, simple and youthful.  This outfit represents 99.9% of what was in Jamie’s every day closet.

Found: “After” Outfits

Client Jamie "After"

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As Jamie pulled out casual item after casual item, I kept looking at the other side of her room.  She had a pop-up closet that she unearthed for our closet appointment of things she used to wear before the birth of her child.

As it happens, many of the pieces in the pop-up closet were perfect to start incorporating immediately.  They included colors, more professional clothes and <gasp> a lot of style!

The outfit of above was a quick one we put together during our appointment – a dress shirt with ruching to enhance and camouflage key areas, a basic cotton cardigan and a great pair of lightweight dress pants.

As is common with many clients, Jamie already had pieces to use for outfit creation and learned how to pair and wear for outfits that met her objectives.

Shopping Suggestions

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Based on what Jamie had and what she needed, I created a post-appointment list of items to shop for with a focus on color, structure and statement items.

Dressy Outfit Suggestions

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And I included examples of how to the items for outfits that would give Jamie a more mature and professional presence for her job.

The Result: Jamie’s DIY Style Diary

Jamie's DIY Outfits

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Jamie sent the photos above, showcasing what she’s been wearing since our appointment.

Using top layers, statement accessories and body-shape appropriate styles, Jamie looks Fabuliss!

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Summer Pick List…24 Items for 44 Outfits

July 8, 2010

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There are so many great summer items out there that it’s nearly impossible to narrow my picks down.  But alas, it had to be done!

Here are some of my favorites, built around a few summer themes, to mix and match with fits that flatter.

For each group, the items are interchangeable.  You can mix the top layers with any of the bottoms and add the jackets and sweaters with the dresses.

It’s amazing how a few new items can help you quickly expand the number of outfits you can make.

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The outfits above, made up of items in size 14W and up, are based on the theme of watercolors which are so soft and feminine, as well as perfect for summer days.

Top row:

Middle row:

Bottom row:

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The pieces above were initially inspired by the shirt in the bottom row.  I saw it in the store over the weekend and about died.  With these hot days of summer, a little blush in lightweight fabrics will go a long way.

Top row:

Middle row:

Bottom row:

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There are so many gorgeous shades of blue this summer, I just had to feature them, in combination with crisp, tailored items.

Top row:

Middle row:

Bottom row:

Go to my Wishpot list for the full, unedited version of summer picks.

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Fabuliss Helps Laura Shop Her Closet to Discover Great Outfits

June 6, 2010

Laura in Before and After Outfits

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Laura has a full closet, which gave us a lot of options to mix & match with.

She has a great sense of what colors look good on her but wasn’t sure how to put them together.

From left to right above, her outfits are “before” (not bad), work, weekend and day-to-evening.

A few things Laura discovered during our session:

  • Pale pink is a great neutral for her.  It’s almost a nude because it blends so well with her skin tone.
  • Her skirts and dresses are fitting her great so she may be opting for these this summer.
  • She can wear a belt, but not as a high-contrast accessory due to her vertical proportions.
  • Brown shoes (vs. black) work really well with her colors and her hair.
  • She will be looking for more fitted top layers to slim her silhouette.
  • Her jewelry collection is GREAT!  She has a few key pieces that are incredibly versatile.
  • She will likely shop for petite tops and regular bottoms.  She may need to shop both departments for dresses to find the best fit.

If you’d like to learn more about how I helped Laura or how I could help you, get in touch!

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