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Conference/Unconference Outfits for Women…a.k.a. Smart Style Gets a Second Look

September 13, 2010

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This is the final post this week after reflecting on smart conference/unconference attire for the non-suit events.  Whether you’re a presenter, organizer or attendee, it is essential to dress smart.

As part of being a sponsor for the first annual Minnesota Blogger Conference, I offered to help speakers pick outfits for their big day.  It was a pleasure to work with Carrie Pauly and Molly Snyder, pictured above, for this special offer.

It was also fun to see some great examples of style seen throughout last weekend’s conference.

Let’s get started with the breakdown.

Shopping Carrie’s Closet

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Carrie Pauly, author of 4 The Love of Family and blog-to-book designer, has a closet full of colors and a sound foundation of black.

She has a triangle figure, one of the most common body types for women, which means her hip measurements are proportionally larger than her shoulders and bust.

We built several outfit ideas for her to consider wearing as a presenter with the following goals:

  • Keep the focus on the top half of the body and away from the hips.
  • Use colors and accessories to create vertical lines that slim.
  • Incorporate jewelry that compliments the color scheme without needing to matchy-match.

If you scroll back up to the top, you can see Carrie created her own outfit based on our session incorporating a pop of color and stepping out with a cute pair of new dark red shoes.

Shopping with Molly

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Molly Snyder is the author of The Snyder 5, amongst a host of other things including career woman and mom.  She opted to go shopping so we met at the Mall of America.

Because Molly wears skirts and dresses year-round, we hunted at a few stores until we landed at Macy’s for a broad selection and a price range that worked with Molly’s budget.

Like Carrie, Molly is a triangle shape so we wanted something that balanced her hips and her shoulders.

We selected the denim skirt suit pictured above left (photo from Macy’s) and right (photo taken at The Minnesota Blogger’s Conference) for several reasons:

  • The jacket length hits her below the widest part of her hips.
  • It’s a great suit set that can mix and match with other items in her closet.
  • I’s a great outfit for her job.
  • She can wear just about every color with the neutral navy.

The dusty lavender shell pairs great with Molly’s warm skin tone.  The necklace is a decorative accent that creates some vertical lines down her body.

And those shoes…wow!  They were a perfect fit for this casual event and will be a great choice for date night or girl’s night.

Honorable Mentions

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Before we close this topic for this week, I want to note a few other ensembles based on people putting together their own looks.

  • Missy, author of The Marketing Mama, organizer of the Minnesota Blogger Conference and friend, wore a classic black pant and black shell with a long, open cardigan layered on top.  Note: this draped cardigan style – pictured above, left – is EVERYWHERE and can be flattering if you get the right style.
  • Already Pretty author and friend Sally McGraw spilled the beans about how she acquired the fabulous dress she wore during her post-lunch panel session.  She paired the periwinkle dress, an original from Reality in Style, with a pair of taupe boots for a polished yet casual look.
  • Tameka Davis, blogger-to-be, caught my eye because she’s stunning.  And she had on a great yellow sweater, pictured with me above, right.  Most people can’t wear yellow but it looked amazing on Tamkea because she has a deep rich skin tone.  Her sweater was layered over a classic grey t-shirt and she had jeans on.  Her necklace completed her look, which is on the relaxed side but plenty smart.
  • Monika Melsha, author of NightLight Journeys, had a great smart casual outfit on similar to the middle photo above.  A patterned or textured jacket is an excellent top layer with jeans on the bottom.  Note: the layer under the jacket should be toned down from what this image shows so as to not highlight or create a wide hip.

You can shop most of these items from my Wishpot page.

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