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CBS Local/Minnesota – Best of Shopping Lists

March 21, 2011

I am so excited to be blogging for CBS Local!  And this has been an excellent excuse to get out and do what I do best – shop.

From local boutiques and shops to national chains, I am putting these lists together based on my personal experiences.  Whether it’s shopping undercover like a regular customer or talking to business owners, the Best Of lists are thanks to my car, my feet and Google Maps.

Here are the most recent Best of lists I put together:

    And here are a few from the past:

    Have a list suggestion or a store recommendation?  Do tell!

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    Buh-Bye Blah Swimsuits…Choose One that Says “Holla,” “Hello” or “Hi”

    April 6, 2010

    Here’s the thing.  It took me awhile to find a swimsuit that I wanted to try on and subsequently, wanted to wear in public.  But the hunt was SO worth it!  I actually bought two in the same style – one in lipstick red (va-va-voom) and one with a blue casual print for every day.

    Now it’s your turn to find a swimsuit that balances your figure, flatters your skin tone and makes you feel comfortable and sexy.

    Before diving in to my picks, a few words.  And apparently I have no shortage of advice…


    • Consider a swimsuit as an investment.  A good one doesn’t necessarily need to cost a lot, but it should be well constructed, made out of comfortable material and feel good against your skin.
    • Pre-shop online.  You don’t have to buy online but you’ll get an idea of what’s out there.  Most sites categorize swimsuits by body shape.
    • Start shopping NOW.  If you know you’re going to be near water this summer, give yourself time to find a good suit (or two).
    • Accessorize.  Whether or not a new suit is in your future, consider a hat, a bag or a jeweled flip-flop for a complete look.
    • Wear eye protection.  Big sunglasses are critical…look for a pair that minimizes cheek interference when you smile.


    • Swim skorts and swim shorts.  You may think they’re more flattering but they aren’t – and the longer they are, the less flattering they are.  Note: they don’t even flatter the models!
    • Settle for a suit that doesn’t fit the “girls.”  Too much cleavage and side boob stinks of look-at-me desperation…avoid at all costs.  If there is too much space or room, it will only emphasize “small.”
    • Pick a completely shapeless cover up.  If your swimsuit cover up doesn’t have shape, neither will you.
    • Pick the wrong size.  Swimsuits can expand a little when wet, so you need to makes sure it’s not too big.  You also don’t want to fall or hang out of one that’s too small.
    • Really?  Another black swimsuit or cover up?  Come on.  You’re going to be in the sun and should be having fun.  I fully believe you’ll have more fun in color!
    • Bring a man into the dressing room.  True story…my husband was humiliatingly hunted down and kicked out of a department store dressing room…and rightfully so.  Other women probably didn’t want him in there.  And honestly, girl to girl, they are not likely to add value to the selection process, will get bored and will randomly pick one just to end the painful process.

    And now, introducing 2-piece, 1-piece, plus and maternity options.

    Say “Holla” to the Statement

    2-piece, 1-piece, plus and maternity

    If it isn’t obvious by the category title, this is the suit you wear when you’re ready to rock the pool/beach.  You feel amazing, you look amazing and you’re ready for the sun!

    • This Victoria’s Secret 2-piece is unique with the 1-shoulder strap, while being modest in coverage.  Oh, and it’s a great color!
    • The 1-piece from J. Crew is all flirt in a muted color which makes it work for girl weekends AND romantic getaways.
    • For plus, this smart, not-too-large print keeps the eye moving with a flattering cut.  Be careful with the girls…I think the suit model should have been a cup size smaller.  Available at
    • I love-love-love this maternity swimsuit.  It looks like it will hold up the girls while giving your baby and belly plenty of room to grow.  And I love the colors and print.  Available at
    • For accessories, this complementary set will let your swimsuit do the talking.  A hat in a bright color (Spiegel, note: try a color different from your suit), paired with a half-sarong (Nordstrom, preferably in white but I could only find a decent picture of a black one!), a cute straw bag (Spiegel) for all the magazines/books and stylish and comfortable sandals ( will help you stay coordinated from room/car to pool/beach and back.

    Say “Hello” to the Classic

    2-piece, 1-piece, plus and maternity

    This is the swimsuit you choose for the fancy spa or when you win the Rachael Ray giveaway to The One&Only Palmilla resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Simple and elegant without the snooty factor.

    • This navy bikini from Tommy Bahama is modest with pretty pleats below the bust for a hint of flavor.  There are three options for bottoms so you can find something you’re most comfortable wearing.
    • I’ve tried this 1-piece from Land’s End on and it’s to-die for in terms of fit and flattery.  The suit comes in a couple of colors, but I like the unexpected surprise of purple.  Also available in short torso, plus and plus short torso.
    • This plus swimdress, seen at,  also has a non-dress version that is just as cute.  Swimdresses are fantastic for modesty with a feminine and flattering fit.  An empire-wasted (under the bust) dress will do much more for your figure than one that has big skirting at or below the waist.
    • This maternity suit from Nordstrom makes me think light and airy.  The panels in the front are sheer and the turquoise color is both trendy and classic for this pregnancy…and the next?
    • Accessories with clean lines will help keep your look sophisticated.  The straw hat (Spiegel) is woven with metallic thread for a little bling.  Pair it with an elegant cover up (J. Crew) in a classy color, a two-tone bag (Spiegel) and barely-there metallic sandals ( for a complete look.

    Say “Hi!” to the Casual

    2-piece, 1-piece, plus and maternity

    Is it family time?  Whether you’re with your kids, siblings or parents, these swimsuits will keep you covered and cute.

    • I love this new sweetheart bikini top, which Land’s End offers in a variety of colors and patterns, along with your choice of several coordinating bottoms.
    • When I saw this 1-piece at, I was pleasantly surprised to see they are offering a little bit of fashion.  A cute print with flattering details that will make you forget you need a cover up.
    • For plus, I like a tastefully done large print.  So many of the large prints are all busy and no style!  This suit from Lane Bryant has the flattering details similar to the 1-piece with a very fun pattern and color combination.
    • Who else but Motherhood Maternity would think of great details like a deep v-neck, accompanied by a panel that ensures everything stays behind closed doors.  I love the geometric pattern and especially love the red band that accentuates the waist and the bump.  Available in regular and plus.
    • Pair these cute and casual swimsuits with a no-fuss straw hat (Target), a simple cover-up (Nordstrom), a roomy-yet-practical tote (Target) and comfortable, colorful flip-flops (

    See something you like but aren’t sure if it will work?  Want more options?  Need professional advice?  Fabuliss can help!  Read about our packages and sign up for special offers available through the eNewsletter at

    P.S. I’d love to hear any funny, success or frustration stories.  Share your stories via the Comments section.  Thanks!

    Fabuliss Helps Marcie Get Comfy for Spring & Summer… Featuring Land’s End

    March 6, 2010

    This post is dedicated to a very good friend of mine, who is about to welcome a new family member! With #2 due in about 4 weeks, she is preparing for what she’ll wear when her body is in a non-pregnant state.

    She recently emailed me, pondering what store to live by when she’s ready to shop.  Ironically, I got a catalog for her store of choice the same week she inquired about it…and I have something different in mind.

    Enter, Land’s End.  In my experience, most everything has been comfortable, well-made and they have been adding bits and pieces of design to compete “up.”  They also cater nicely to a wide variety of sizes (some categories have more items than others) – regular, petite, petite plus, plus and tall.  The value (quality for price) is strong and they offer most items in a number of different colors.

    Most importantly, however, I believe this line of clothing will help her meet key objectives:

    1. Comfort
    2. A range of items for different needs
    3. A little style and a lot of color (for clarification purposes, this is my addition to her list)

    The following outfits – all put together with products being sold right now at Land’s End – are my recommendations based on what she told me her wardrobe needs are.

    And in case you’re wondering, I am not conducting an infomercial or being paid for this post…

    1) ERRANDS

    Outfits for every dayThe items above, including a simple color palette, can be mixed and matched to create countless outfits.  The jeans and sweaters are for cooler days and evenings and the scarf adds some texture, color and interest.

    Yes – I would pair the brown flats or blue sandals with any of the bottoms or tops shown, and, yes, I would pair the navy or coral sweater with nay of the tops or bottoms!

    These outfits are great for:

    • The grocery store, library, post office and Target
    • Doctor appointments
    • School pick-up and drop-off
    • Morning coffee with the neighborhood girls

    Left: scoop layering tee, boyfriend jeans, ruffle cardigan, cotton knit scarf, ballet flat

    Middle: ruffle collar polo, poplin cargo pants

    Right: stripe t-shirt, 7″ chino shorts, cotton cardigan, cotton knit scarf, medium terrain sandals


    Outfits for Occasions

    These outfits use some of the same pieces from the Errands category and are slightly dressier.  The pants on the left are striped and would work with any of the top combos shown.

    A white denim on top or bottom is a dressier take on denim and the structured lightweight denim capris are a more dressy take on a capri.

    The metallic gold flip-flop and/or knit scarf dress these outfits down while the patent yellow croc flats with the beaded necklace dress them up.

    These outfits can take my friend to any of the following:

    • Volunteering at school
    • Church
    • Bunco
    • Book club
    • Dinner club
    • Brunch

    Left: cotton cardigan, wide leg pincord pants, silk cotton ruffle shell, cotton knit scarf, faux croc flats

    Middle: ruffle cardigan, scoop layering tee, boot cut jeans

    Right: jean jacket, lightweight denim caprisruffle collar polo, 36″ beaded necklace, leather flip-flops

    3) EVENTS

    Outfits for Special Events

    Living in a smaller city is less demanding in terms of style…but that does not mean all sense of style should be sacrificed or ignored.

    A white dress for summer is crisp, refreshing and breezy and can be paired with the navy sweater and patent yellow flats to dress it up or the coral sweater and brown flats for a slightly more casual take.

    The patterned skirt (I believe it’s a chrysanthemum pattern) is navy and can be paired with either sweater or shoe as well.  Personally, I might adjust the hem slightly to be at the knee instead of right below the knee for a more flattering silhouette.

    Lastly, the navy wrap dress pairs well with the coral sweater and brown flats with a nice horn necklace to break up the solids.

    These pieces work for date nights.  They could also be worn for any of the occasions listed under #2.

    Left: cotton dress, ruffle cardigan, 36″ beaded necklace, faux croc flats

    Middle: ruffle cardigan, scoop layering tee, pattern skirt

    Right: modal wrap dress, cotton cardigan, horn link necklace, ballet flat


    Miscellaneous Items

    To address a few additional needs, and to showcase how comprehensive Land’s End is, I wanted to include several items that were not specifically on the list, but should be considered.

    First, an outfit I KNOW will get a lot of use, a casual athletic ensemble.  The blue shoes and the coral top definitely coordinate.

    I really like this rain jacket because of the cinched waist and the bright color – perfect for every day and dressier events.

    The reusable tote bag is on here to a) remind you to reuse and b) because it has a cute color/pattern combo.

    Lastly, my friend needs a new bathing suit.  For anyone looking to hide a little something, I definitely believe a one-piece is more flattering than a skirted two-piece.  I have tried on so many tankinis with skirts and they never do me justice.  This swimsuit, in purple, has a great strap design on the back and a skirted/ruched front to minimize attention at the midsection and I’ve selected a straw hat for an elegant way to protect light skin.

    Shop these items: half-zip pullover, sport pants, terrain ballet shoes, rain jacket, market tote, all-over control tunic swimsuit, straw hat

    Thirty-something items later, this is an extensive spring-to-summer wardrobe to help inspire what pieces to consider and how to coordinate colors and pieces into outfits.

    If you need help getting your closet ready for spring to summer, Fabuliss specializes in putting outfits together – from your closet or from the store.  Contact me at for more information!

    P.S. Land’s End also has a specialty line – Land’s End Canvas – that showcases taking style a step further while maintaining a classic, simple approach.  My only bias against this line is that it is currently offered in regular sizes.

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