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Winter Recap Part 3: Jewelry Favorites

March 11, 2011

Winter Recap Jewelry Favorites

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Jewelry makes for a finishing touch on an outfit.  It is a way to express personality and style.  And a necklace is an excellent way to draw attention to your face, which is where you want people to focus.

The necklaces above are a few of my favorites from this winter.

Why only necklaces?  Bracelets are great but uncomfortable with the keyboard on my laptop.  That said, a client once told me she opts for bracelets because they are a more child-friendly accessory.  And technically, my ears are pierced but I rarely wear earrings.

Jewelry recommendations:

  • Try jewelry on before you buy it.  Chances are you will have an immediate reaction of either loving or hating it.  If you have neither, definitely put it back on the rack.
  • I learned that jewelry is like lipstick.  It may look like too much (or too little) in a hand mirror so make sure to look at a full-length mirror for a “big picture” perspective.
  • If you want to wear all three – necklace, bracelet and earrings, my advice is to mix and match vs. matchy-match.  Surprise, surprise, right?

OK, let’s take a look at each necklace.

1) Casual

Casual Necklace

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My casual necklaces are typically for weekend.  I rarely go without a necklace and this is one I can pair with just about anything.  It is a long strand of dark purple stones that I stalked forever at Target until they finally went on clearance.

They can be dressed up by adding an additional strand of a pearl and metallic mix or a couple of strands of shiny metallic.  Or keep it casual with a matte metallic or a different strand of stones.

2) Dressy

Dressy Necklace

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If you have seen me around this winter, chances are very good you have seen me with this necklace.  I wear it several times a week because it literally goes with everything and immediately adds a special touch without too much bling.

Aside from the fact that it was a Christmas gift from my mom (thanks, Mom!) and purchased from my sister-in-law who sells Premier Designs, it really is an all time favorite.

3) Unique

Unique Necklace

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I fell in love with this necklace combo at the Edina Art Fair, when I was helping Infrared Studio’s Lauren Nicole with her booth.  It is antique Roman glass mixed with silver beads and the sea green color palette is incredibly beautiful.

An investment necklace like this one is a treasure and one that is exciting to wear because it is one-of-a-kind piece of art.  I have worn it for every day and for occasions because it’s that versatile.

4) Fun

Fun Necklace

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I was not planning to own a bauble necklace.  And then I came across this one at the WIN (Women in Networking) holiday accessories swap.  It is bold, shiny and graphic – perfect for a fun statement that can go from work to happy hour or party.

The simple color palette (black, white and dark silver) makes it versatile with different layering combinations and it easily draws attention up near my face.

Final note: these necklaces are all wearable year-round…they are just a few that I have been wearing this winter.

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Holiday Outfits Part 2 of 3: Work Day to Work Party

December 1, 2010

There’s Smart Casual and now we declare Smart Holiday – the outfit that can transition from work to party as is or with a simple change.  If your work party is a casual affair, remember that professionalism rules.


If you want to stand out, the standard fare won’t do, nor will going overboard at work to look more festive for the party.  Consider the following:

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  • Boring. So you forgot about the party when you were getting dressed.  Make time to shop over the lunch hour and look for a sparkly necklace, top or shoe that will help you feel as festive as you will surely feel.
  • Dated. “Aww, cuuute” does not command respect.  Reserve these mementos for family affairs and opt for accessories that elevate your presence.
  • Tired. A nothing-special matchy-match outfit does not belong at the office or at the holiday party.  A more interesting outfit will help you differentiate yourself from your peers while networking up the chain of command.
  • Club-Bound. If you work in the entertainment industry, this *might* be appropriate office attire.  Then again, it will still look better in a celebrity-wanna-be-filled club on a reality TV show.  Your outfit should go from work to party without screaming I’M GOING TO A PARTY!
  • Goofy. At work, the Class Clown is great for culture but will not get as much respect when it comes to raises and promotions.  Leave the costumes in the closet until Halloween.

And now, outfit ideas that will ensure you’re ready for the big night, after a productive day.

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Consider these hard working looks for regular, Plus, Petite and men from left to right:

A mix of every day professional and evening can be exceedingly productive when done well.

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Smart Casual for Fall from the Fabuliss Closet Part 4 of 4…Printed Top & Cords +

October 22, 2010


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Many of you stick with solid colors and I understand.  Prints can feel like A LOT when you try them on.  But when you find good top layers, they can be a great way to add interest, express style and express personality.

Paired with a fine whale cord – excellent for keeping legs warm in cold weather – these outfits are great for the relaxed business professional dress code at the office.

What works:

  • A small, busy and low-contrast print placed on the upper half of my body is interesting near my face without overpowering each outfit.
  • Wearing the lighter color on the inside of a dark layer is a taller and leaner look than if I had done the reverse.
  • A heeled bootie with my pants hemmed correctly (about half way down the heel) helps add length to my legs.
  • A strong top layer – like the first two jackets – works best with a structured shirt.
  • An untucked shirt in a low-contrast color works on my shape.
  • The shiny necklace creates a strong focal point around my face while creating a flattering “v” shape.
  • Dark colors like these green pants can work well with a lot of different colors and pieces.

What could be better:

  • The contrast stitching on the denim jacket mixed with the print is bordering on too busy and does not look as professional as the two photos on the right.
  • A matte sheen is best for my body shape and height…you can see there is a bit of shine from the corduroy pants which can take away in the flatter department so it’s a cautionary note.
  • The necklace adds a nice shimmer but it’s noisy (it sounds like a mini chandelier) so it should stay out of the office.


  • The middle and last outfits are my favorites out of the three for sophistication as well as looking taller and leaner.
  • No items to donate here!

The base for each outfit is an Eddie Bauer corduroy pant and blouse.  The necklace is from Target.

Jacket #1 is from Talbots. Jacket #2 is from Nordstrom.  The sweater is from Banana Republic.  All tops are petite and were purchased from previous collections.

Do you need the help of an objective, expert opinion in your closet?  Fabuliss can help.  See our packages for information.

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